Monday, May 7, 2012

Bloomsday and some gemmies!

i participated in the bloomsday race this past sunday....7.46 miles of on my own, with my iPod blasting, running (okay, jogging and walking) like the wind. it was a beautiful day and i finished with better time than the year before. how? i have no clue, since i am in worse shape than last year! my legs are issuing a constant complaint today for my ministrations yesterday.
after the race, i treated myself to some delightful sushi-go-round and then headed to the local gem shop for some goodies. i can't go in there with my girls, so i fully took advantage of being without my little angels to get in some gem shopping for future pieces for the shop.
i picked out far too many little beauties and now i need to get some hardware to turn them into pieces for the shop!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


i am so glad that you have found me here! welcome to AveryBeth Designs; handmade jewelry and custom jewelry display cases.

you can find me at the following places:


please check back as i am in the process of starting up my own etsy shop! i am currently selling jewelry and display cases out of Renew Salon in Spokane. if you are in the area, stop in to check out what is available and stay for some fabulous spa treatment!


i am no longer selling my jewelry out of renew salon.  my etsy shop is now up and running!  you can find my jewelry here: