welcome to averybethdesigns!
i'm patricia bryant.

i am a stay at home mom and part time jewelry designer. i have a degree in psychology and adore american sign language and french, though rarely use the latter two. i am an avid book reader and am always on the lookout for a new novel. i am obsessed with the lowercase letter and rarely use anything but. i enjoy music and movies and miss playing sports like volleyball. not much time for that these days!

i am originally from santa cruz, california, but moved to spokane, washington after marrying my amazing husband. we have a gorgeous home and i am so blessed by god with such a great guy and two wonderful little girls. and now that i've been able to open up my own jewelry shop and tap into my long hibernated love for crafting and creating, my life is even more blessed!

i'm obsessed with making treasuries, and you will find many with titles inspired by songs. often i will find myself humming a song as i make the treasury only to discover that it has become my inspiration...or has the treasury inspired the song?

my jewelry is simple and classic. i love making things that can be worn every day as well as transition to that special occasion. almost every piece is something that i would wear myself and i often have a hard time not putting it aside into my personal jewelry case! most pieces are one of a kind, as i just love the creative process that goes into each piece. as an amateur poet, i love the process of naming and describing each piece as if it were a work of poetry itself!

i am glad you have found my little blogger corner of the world and hope you enjoy!  head on over to my etsy shop when you are done here and pick out a gift or two for you and your loved ones for the holidays!