Sunday, December 30, 2012

front page 12/30/12

tonight was my first time actually stumbling onto the front page to find that one of my items was being featured RIGHT THEN!  what a treat!  when i first saw this treasury, i surely could tell that it had front page potential.  a true beauty in blues.  check it out for yourself!

thank you to the wonderful marina from miopupazzo for the beautiful feature!

she has such adorable little lovies in her shop like this sweet caramel bear...

Monday, December 17, 2012

new packaging

i am so very excited to receive my new batch of packaging supplies!  and even more excited that i finally went through my initial batch!  i really liked what i had initially, but i wanted to invest a little more and so had some custom earring cards made.  i am also switching up my box color a little is actually what i originally wanted to go with, but now i can make it happen!  as soon as i go through my original ribbon, i will likely change that up slightly as well...though perhaps only by narrowing down my options!

i can't wait to get all the supplies in and use them!  if you want to see what the new packaging will be, come check out averybethdesigns and place an order for you or a loved one!  the new packaging will be in place after the holidays!

one last day to get your orders in in time for holiday shipping!  come check out the shop and order by december 18th!  if you want to place an order after the 18th, send me a convo on etsy and we can work out an upgrade in shipping.

happy holidays!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

black friday / cyber monday

i am offering FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders for black friday / cyber monday through the whole weekend (11/23 - 11/26).  head over to averybethdesigns to check out details and pick up some gifts for the loved ones in your life for this holiday season!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

home made coffee syrup

i absolutely LOVE this recipe.  i have used it several times now and have even tweaked it a little by adding different flavors to it.  this is, by far, my favorite syrup base for my coffee.  i think the trick is that it uses both white and brown sugar.  divine.

now, i HIGHLY recommend getting a funnel if you don't already have one.  i, however, DON'T.  so it is a very good thing that i make a little more than this lovely little recycled store bought creamer container can hold, as a good 1/5 of the syrup ends up down my drain!  (it's on my to-buy list, i promise)

this round i flavored it with 3T vanilla extract and 1T almond extract.  we will see how that flavor combination works out!  i have also used another recipe to make a pumpkin spice syrup.  HEAVEN.  if  i don't find myself a fan of the almond, i might just have to go back to pumpkin spice for the next time around.  nothing tastes more of autumn bliss than pumpkin spice coffee!!

december 1st holiday trunk show in spokane

i am SO excited that our holiday trunk show is coming up in just a little over a week!  members of the etsy inland northwest team are gathering together (along with a few other local spokane artisans) and putting on a handmade craft fair the first saturday in december at the service station in spokane.


i will be featuring all of the jewelry items in my shop as well as a few that i haven't had the chance to photograph and list yet.  i will also have some of my custom jewelry display cases there as well!  and i will happily be taking custom orders!

so, stop by our facebook event page to get more information and rsvp for the show on december 1st!  there will be gifts perfect for everyone on your list.

fp and a sale

i had the lovely honor of landing on the front page of etsy again a while ago in an absolutely STUNNING treasury.  AND, my piece that was featured SOLD!  it was truly fabulous.  the necklace also happened to be one of my favorites, so a tiny part of me was sad to see it go, but absolutely thrilled to have made the sale.

here is the stunning treasury from Martha of CircleofLifeVA

so lovely!

Monday, October 29, 2012

fp (overlooked)

HOW did i not pay attention to the spike in my stats?!  i think i was so used to a spike indicating a change from 10 views to 30.  BUT, turns out i was on the front page of etsy YET ANOTHER TIME!  on october 6th in the wee hours of the morning, my sanskrit necklace graced the front page in this GORGEOUS treasury.

treasury by GTDesigns

of course, two images have expired, so you don't get the full beauty, but it was a stunner, let me tell you!  SO excited to discover i've been on the FP twice!  *squee*

hopefully one of these fp appearances will be during a high traffic time and i can get some sales as a result!  woo hoo!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

fabulously front page!

i had the honor of gracing etsy's home page at around midnight last night!!  yay!  here is the absolutely gorgeous treasury that featured my applebutter earrings!

(treasury by robin of jarmfarm)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


i struggle upward in the face of adversity
with each
force of gravity
i reach my hand toward the ever expansive sky.

words will
keep me down

lack of faith will
hold me back

i mold my being to best carry me onward
ever reaching
for the truth of who i am...


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the process

i have been finding myself inspired to create lately.  i have a small, but decent collection of gemstones and materials that i continually look through and find myself moved to create different pieces.  i love how various stones look together.  a pair of earrings can look so very different when one single gemstone is replaced!

i think my favorite thing about creating jewelry is the creative process.  i love making one of a kind pieces.  i am able to use whatever stones i am moved to use in that moment and then create a piece.  perhaps i have enough stones to make another, but overall, i create a piece and then look to see what inspires me next.  i know that it causes more work for me on the selling end of things...coming up with names, writing descriptions, but honestly i love all that too!  i used to write poetry when i was younger and i miss it quite a bit.  writing jewelry descriptions and giving them names taps into that creative energy i miss so much.

i have to be careful not to just shop and shop for gemstones and components.  i will see various stones and metals and HAVE to have them for a piece.  i hold myself back almost every time, but it is rather difficult.  i am hoping that once my sales pick up (crossing fingers) that i will be able to indulge a bit more in this aspect of making jewelry.  i love searching for pieces that i can envision using in one piece or another.  already my style and tastes have branched out.  i thought i would stick to pretty simple items, but my mind is wanting me to go farther and more creative.  it will be wonderful when i can act on that!

i have added a bunch of new items to my shop and still have more coming!  it is so exciting to see my little etsy shop grow!  i hope with more and more people seeing my shop and my jewelry through various avenues, that soon it will take off and i can do a little happy dance of joy.  heck, if the happy dance of joy i did after my first sale is any standard to go by, it will be one *heck* of a happy dance!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

opening shop!

i am just about ready to open up my etsy shop!  i finished up working with the amazing Avocado & Willow Studio on my banner, icons, avatars, etc.  i could't be more pleased!  and i am almost finished uploading all of my initial pieces for purchase.  who knew it would be so time consuming to think up unique names and descriptions for various pieces of jewelry?!

so now i am trying to make sure i have all my ducks in a row with the shipping, taxes, and on and on, and then i will be officially open for business!  i am thinking i should be up and running in the next week or two!  so stay tuned for the grand opening of avery beth designs!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bloomsday and some gemmies!

i participated in the bloomsday race this past sunday....7.46 miles of on my own, with my iPod blasting, running (okay, jogging and walking) like the wind. it was a beautiful day and i finished with better time than the year before. how? i have no clue, since i am in worse shape than last year! my legs are issuing a constant complaint today for my ministrations yesterday.
after the race, i treated myself to some delightful sushi-go-round and then headed to the local gem shop for some goodies. i can't go in there with my girls, so i fully took advantage of being without my little angels to get in some gem shopping for future pieces for the shop.
i picked out far too many little beauties and now i need to get some hardware to turn them into pieces for the shop!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


i am so glad that you have found me here! welcome to AveryBeth Designs; handmade jewelry and custom jewelry display cases.

you can find me at the following places:


please check back as i am in the process of starting up my own etsy shop! i am currently selling jewelry and display cases out of Renew Salon in Spokane. if you are in the area, stop in to check out what is available and stay for some fabulous spa treatment!


i am no longer selling my jewelry out of renew salon.  my etsy shop is now up and running!  you can find my jewelry here: