Monday, October 29, 2012

fp (overlooked)

HOW did i not pay attention to the spike in my stats?!  i think i was so used to a spike indicating a change from 10 views to 30.  BUT, turns out i was on the front page of etsy YET ANOTHER TIME!  on october 6th in the wee hours of the morning, my sanskrit necklace graced the front page in this GORGEOUS treasury.

treasury by GTDesigns

of course, two images have expired, so you don't get the full beauty, but it was a stunner, let me tell you!  SO excited to discover i've been on the FP twice!  *squee*

hopefully one of these fp appearances will be during a high traffic time and i can get some sales as a result!  woo hoo!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

fabulously front page!

i had the honor of gracing etsy's home page at around midnight last night!!  yay!  here is the absolutely gorgeous treasury that featured my applebutter earrings!

(treasury by robin of jarmfarm)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


i struggle upward in the face of adversity
with each
force of gravity
i reach my hand toward the ever expansive sky.

words will
keep me down

lack of faith will
hold me back

i mold my being to best carry me onward
ever reaching
for the truth of who i am...


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the process

i have been finding myself inspired to create lately.  i have a small, but decent collection of gemstones and materials that i continually look through and find myself moved to create different pieces.  i love how various stones look together.  a pair of earrings can look so very different when one single gemstone is replaced!

i think my favorite thing about creating jewelry is the creative process.  i love making one of a kind pieces.  i am able to use whatever stones i am moved to use in that moment and then create a piece.  perhaps i have enough stones to make another, but overall, i create a piece and then look to see what inspires me next.  i know that it causes more work for me on the selling end of things...coming up with names, writing descriptions, but honestly i love all that too!  i used to write poetry when i was younger and i miss it quite a bit.  writing jewelry descriptions and giving them names taps into that creative energy i miss so much.

i have to be careful not to just shop and shop for gemstones and components.  i will see various stones and metals and HAVE to have them for a piece.  i hold myself back almost every time, but it is rather difficult.  i am hoping that once my sales pick up (crossing fingers) that i will be able to indulge a bit more in this aspect of making jewelry.  i love searching for pieces that i can envision using in one piece or another.  already my style and tastes have branched out.  i thought i would stick to pretty simple items, but my mind is wanting me to go farther and more creative.  it will be wonderful when i can act on that!

i have added a bunch of new items to my shop and still have more coming!  it is so exciting to see my little etsy shop grow!  i hope with more and more people seeing my shop and my jewelry through various avenues, that soon it will take off and i can do a little happy dance of joy.  heck, if the happy dance of joy i did after my first sale is any standard to go by, it will be one *heck* of a happy dance!