are you interested in learning more about essential oils and what they can do for you and your family?  essential oils have been so amazing for us!  so far we have battled ear infections, colds, stomach bugs, and much more....and WON with the help of our doTERRA essential oils.  just by using oils geared specifically for your needs, you can prevent or lessen the duration and intensity of many ailments and issues!

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doTERRA has a "family physicians kit" that contains most of the oils that you would need for your day to day health and well-being.  it is truly a perfect group of oils!  i use them!  with this kit, you get:

- oregano
- lavender
- melaleuca
- peppermint
- lemon
- frankincense
- on guard
- deep blue
- breathe
- digest zen

and if you sign up to become a wellness advocate (WA) with doTERRA, you can get up to 25% off of retail prices!  there is no pressure to sell anything if you become a WA... you can simply use your membership to continue purchasing oils for yourself at a discounted rate!  it's truly fantastic.  OR, if you find that you absolutely fall in love with these oils (as i know you will), you can decide to share doTERRA with friends, family...random strangers... and develop your own doTERRA family!

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