Tuesday, November 20, 2012

home made coffee syrup

i absolutely LOVE this recipe.  i have used it several times now and have even tweaked it a little by adding different flavors to it.  this is, by far, my favorite syrup base for my coffee.  i think the trick is that it uses both white and brown sugar.  divine.

now, i HIGHLY recommend getting a funnel if you don't already have one.  i, however, DON'T.  so it is a very good thing that i make a little more than this lovely little recycled store bought creamer container can hold, as a good 1/5 of the syrup ends up down my drain!  (it's on my to-buy list, i promise)

this round i flavored it with 3T vanilla extract and 1T almond extract.  we will see how that flavor combination works out!  i have also used another recipe to make a pumpkin spice syrup.  HEAVEN.  if  i don't find myself a fan of the almond, i might just have to go back to pumpkin spice for the next time around.  nothing tastes more of autumn bliss than pumpkin spice coffee!!

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