Friday, April 19, 2013

Why I want to win a membership to Product Marketing Breakthrough

I opened my handmade jewelry business, AveryBethDesigns, in August, 2012, after 4 years of waiting and wishing for the chance to make this dream of mine a reality.  I began years ago creating necklaces for friends and knew that it was something I wanted to turn into a business.  Once my husband got on board with the huge investment starting a business would be, I ran with it and now have my own jewelry business on Etsy.  I have been open for eight months and have had 50 sales.  While this is a good start, it is definitely only the beginning of where I see this business going.

I have networked via Facebook, Twitter, my blog, and purchased a domain for the future of the business.  After watching Andreea's videos, I have already made some adjustments to open up the chance for wholesale business, as well as created an email newsletter sign up option and spread the word on my various social media sites to try and garner more interest in my shop.

I would be absolutely thrilled to get a chance to win a free lifetime membership to Product Marketing Breakthrough.  As a stay at home mom to two children, living on one income doesn't afford the chance to make this huge investment…even though I know it will be worth it!  I know that my husband would not be on board with that level of investment.  And yet, I absolutely want to take my business to the next level and be able to contribute a significant income to our little family.  I want to make back our initial investment on this business and knock the socks off of my husband with my resounding success far beyond!

With a lifetime membership, I would be able to jumpstart my business and have the confidence to take action that i KNOW will make a difference.  I have been so motivated after watching the four video series and have already started taking steps to grow my business into what i know it can become.  With the resources and organized information that this program provides, I know that I can feel confident that all my worries and questions can be answered with the PMB program and provide me with a guideline for how to proceed. With access to media lists and source contacts, I know that I can get my jewelry featured and take control of the growth of my business.

In three years, I see my Etsy shop thriving, my jewelry in 2-3 local boutique stores, and perhaps a large retail outlet.  I want to have my jewelry featured in 2-4 magazines.  I want to be a "featured shop" on 2-4 large traffic and highly popular blogs.  I also want to have my jewelry sold on a high end exclusive site such as BRIKA.  Of course, this would all be without the advantage of PMB.  WITH the help of PMB, I imagine I could reach far beyond these goals.  Overall, I plan on my business being organized, smooth running, and highly successful…with even farther to go!  And hopefully with the help and resources of the Positive Marketing Breakthrough system, I can reach these goals faster and more confidently.

Want to help me win the contest for a free membership with Positive Marketing Breakthrough?  Click this link and "like" my entry!!  Thank you!

Patricia Bryant



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