Monday, June 3, 2013

fp 6/3/2013

i received a notice from an etsy friend that my necklace was on the fp last night!  of course, i missed witnessing it myself by a matter of minutes, but it definitely doesn't take away from the sheer excitement of having the honor of one of my pieces on the front page of etsy!

here is the lovely treasury by pat mcwhorter:

why not

the treasury is from a game called "fast and furious" where team members feature a shop's item in treasuries and try to get the item either 200 views or a sale.  my fabulous trendsetting team friends did a wonderful job creating gorgeous treasuries around my 'coal' necklace....and this one received grand prize of the front page!

pat has some fabulous art and note cards in her shop.  she is on vacation right now, so i can't post links to any of her lovely pieces, but definitely check her shop out!

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