Tuesday, September 24, 2013

crowd tap and free snacks for the kiddos!

i was selected to try out a new product from the Lunchables line of pre-packed snacks through crowdtap.  they are called Lunchables Jr.  they have several flavors and i was able to try out two of them.  the flavors we received were "ants on a log", which contained peanut butter, sun-maid raisins, and honey graham sticks.  delish!!  the second flavor was "very beary crunch", which contained ritz bits cheese cracker sandwiches, strawberry flavored dried apple pieces, and teddy grahams honey graham snacks.  wow!

since i have two girls and only received two snacks to sample, i had my girls try the snacks.  they had a blast trying out the little packages and shared them between the two.  they seemed to enjoy both flavors too!  i definitely hope to get a chance to try out more of the flavors...but i haven't actually seen these in any of my stores yet!!

thank you crowdtap for the chance to try something easy and fun!!

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