Saturday, January 12, 2013

80s bowling party

well, i told myself years ago that i would never again attend an 80s themed party.  there truly is no way to dress up and *not* look like a total idiot in my opinion.  i lived it.  i wore it.  i don't really need to experience the horrid fashion that is the 80s ever again, personally.

but, i have given in.  my husband and i were invited to an 80s bowling party.  and so we are about to head off in a little bit to experience the pure joy of looking like total idiots.  well, at least *i* am, because he is going for the "marty mcfly" sort of look...which is pretty tame.

i have been searching the internet for the past week trying to figure out how to *do* 80s without looking completely's harder than you might think.

here are some of the images i came across for inspiration:

the awesome blue eyeshadow with more subtle everything else...

 the rocker / punk sort of outfit with the (of course) neon accents...
                               she's rockin' that makeup!

who *didn't* want to be alyssa milano when they were a kid (at least an 80s kid...) ?

and this gwen stephani inspired hair might just be the right amount of 80's pouf with a rocker edge.

well, with all of this inspiration, i think i have put together something to do the 80s justice.  i think the overall look will be a mix of the lovely exercise sort of look with a rocker twist.  we will just have to see how idiotic i look from the pictures that will inevitably immortalize the evening... 

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