Wednesday, January 2, 2013

crowdtap & old navy sample and share success!

does anyone use crowdtap?   i have been on their site for a couple years now and just love the sample and share's i've been able to participate in.  old navy is one of the companies that use crowdtap, and so i have had the chance to try out several of their sample and shares.  basically, they send out coupons for FREE clothing items...and you get to use one and give one (or more) to friends!  it is AWESOME.  this latest one was for work out gear.  and it is exactly what i have been needing more know...for that pesky new year's resolution to work out more!  ha!

my mom came with me and it was a blast.  i ended up getting more than the free items and i am stoked!

crowdtap is a pretty simple to sign up for.  as you progress through the levels (by completing easy little multiple select polls about various products that they call "quick hits") you get the chance to participate in more awesome things like the sample and shares or hosted parties.  PLUS, you rack up points that can then be exchanged for gift cards to places like  i have already received something around $300 in amazon bucks over the last couple years!  let me tell you how great those amazon bucks were around christmas time!  woo hoo!

interested in joining crowdtap?  check it out here:  crowdtap

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