Sunday, June 1, 2014

oobiebean & dolly excitement!

i am so excited to have scored a custom slot with oobiebean&dolly for my tula accessories!!  i love their work and can't wait to get it all back!  of course, i haven't even sent the wrap scrap in yet, so i am a tad ahead of myself.

i have asked them an embarrassing amount of questions, including whether they can make a little elephant lovey similar to one i saw from another momma's facebook post (awesome work Jen Hemann!.  here they are!

i was going to try and make one myself before i got this spot with oobiebean!  but now i'll see if they can re-create it.  their work is so amazing, i'm sure they can!

anyway, i don't know how long it takes, but soon(ish) i will have my accessories for this beauty!!  (the tula, i'm not that vain)

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