Thursday, April 16, 2015

essential oils online event!

i have recently entered the amazing world of essential oils!  so far it has been wonderful for me and my family.  i have helped my daughters with ear infections, tummy aches, and overall well-being.  i have fallen in love with diffusing oil blends at night and am constantly finding blends that excite me!

well, since i am new to essential oils, i want to find out what i can about EO safety and proper use!  i came across this amazing online event happening may 11-18 that will include many experts in the field of essential oils... from all different areas!  this should be awesome!!

best part?  it is FREE!!  it is also not affiliated with an oil company, so that always makes me feel better knowing they are just trying to educate and inform!

want to register and learn more?  click here to register!

want to get started with some awesome essential oils for your own home?  click the doTERRA link at the top of my blog to find out more or click here to get started!

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