Monday, April 27, 2015

diffusing your oils

the best way to reap the results of your oils is through inhalation of the vapors.  a wonderful way to do this is with the help of a diffuser.  i currently use doTERRA's petal diffuser that came with my kit upon signing up to become a wellness advocate (WA) with them.  it is a wonderful diffuser that puts out a nice, strong mist.  perfect for a smallish space like a bedroom or in your kitchen!

the petal diffuser can be set to 1, 2, or 4 hour settings for a constant mist throughout your living space!  there is also a light function that can be turned on (allowing for a lovely night light) or off, depending on your preference.

there are so many recipes to try in your diffuser!  i am loving some already.  my favorite oil diffusion blend for first thing in the morning is peppermint and wild orange!  what a pick-me-up!!  after i've taken the kiddos to school and need a little "me" time, i love to diffuse doTERRA's balance blend and elevation! the scent is light and refreshing.  for night time, my go-to blend is balance and serenity.  there is this lovely vanilla aroma that mixes with the other scents that is just calming and soothing as i go to sleep.  BLISS!

you can check out my pinterest board for other diffusing ideas and inspirations that i've come across from other mommas too!

want to try some oils? want to sign up to become a WA yourself and get amazing oils at a discounted price? contact me to find out more or to become a WA and get all the oils you need to get you started taking care of you and your family's health in a healthy and holistic way!

as always, be sure to do research before using oils so that you are using them in a safe manner!  i am not a medical professional.  be safe, be smart, and be well!

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